FlexKraft Marine

Water cooled rectifier for Ballast Water Management System

It’s simple. You are at sea, where there are no repair shops around the corner. In order to treat your ballast water, you must have a reliable power supply and our power supplies are built to cope under these harsh conditions. The efficiency and reliability of our solutions have been proven through thousands of installations, and we have been chosen as supplier to many leading BWMS companies.  

FlexKraft Marine is specially designed for BWMS and it is tested and approved according to both IMO and USCG. It holds a Type Approval from both DNVGL and KR which means that it is easy for you to include it in your BWMS system. Since we own the approvals, you can rest assured that KraftPowercon will make all the modifications needed to remain compliant to any future changes of the requirements.  

The high reliability of our systems gives you a number of distinct advantages. The low power consumption means a small footprint and operating as well as maintenance costs are low. The latter is further fuelled by the modular design of our rectifiers. They are designed to improve uptime, and should maintenance be required you can run your system on reduced power, preventing costly standstills and downtime. Putting it all together, our power supply significantly improves your business by helping you to a safe, speedy and efficient ballast water management.  

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Main features
Water cooled, Tamb 55°C, IP44
Designed especially for BWMS
Tested and approved according to the new IMO G8 and USCG
Type Approval by DNV-GL and KR
Easy to operate and built-in redundancy
Modular design = Simple to trouble shoot
Global support
Long-term experience and know-how since 1935
Output up to 200V or 40 000A